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Who we work with

Walid Claus is a home-grown, Dubai-based initiative with many friends and little helpers. Through their magical support we are spreading the winter festive spirit even further across our wonderful city. So here we celebrate the hard work of our great partners…thanks guys!

The Cartoon Art Gallery is the first gallery in the Middle East dedicated to the art of cartooning and animation. Based in Dubai, it aims to serve the community and give independent artists of the region a place to showcase their work. The gallery represents a multi-generational mix of regional and international artists.

The mission of the Cartoon Art Gallery is to bring together illustrators, cartoonists, animators, and more in a casual atmosphere and to communicate cultural diversity through comics, animation, children book illustration, concept art, and caricatures.

In collaboration with the Cartoon Art Gallery, we launched a competition amongst artists in the UAE to give Walid Claus his visual identity. After a successful exhibition and an award night with a highly respectable jury, a winner was chosen.

Kids Jungle Playcare offers your kids unique, safe, fun, and interactive play, and gives you the comfort and peace of mind you need when choosing the right playcare! This kids' paradise allows your children to explore the real adventure of the jungle by providing them with the right atmosphere to nurture their imagination and mimic their favourite animals.

With separate toddler and kids play areas, Kids Jungle's professional staff are highly trained to ensure that kids enjoy safe and educational activities
 in a lovely, caring, and entertaining environment. This venue is located at the Cedre Shopping Centre in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

You can find the Walid Claus T-shirts near the entrance.

Lana - Fashion designer

My name is Lana Qatramiz. I was born and raised in Paris, originally Syrian. Art has always been a hobby for me and that's why I decided to enter a foundation year at LISAA l'institut des arts appliques in Paris. From there I found a beautiful correlation between art and fashion and that's how it all started. I moved to Dubai to continue my studies at ESMOD in Fashion Designing. After 3 years now in Dubai, I feel it has just the perfect mix of diversities, it combines many cultures together and that makes it magical.


What is your favourite Winter Fair/ Market in Dubai?

My favourite is the Winter Festival in Media City, so much fun things to do, see and buy! Hopefully Walid Claus will have his own grotto there sometime.

Sreelesh - Character architect

My name is Sreelesh, I hail from Kerala, India and have been living in Dubai since 2013. My first exposure to the world of art began at a very young age. Later, I got my formal education in art while studying at Kerala School of Arts in Kerala. I see design in everything – be it life or any object. As an artist, I believe, I have a strong role to play in expressing my emotions and reflecting that of the society and in this process, I enjoy inspiring the world.


What gift would you buy your best friends for this Winter Festive Season?

Walid Claus caps for all my mates of course!

Vpin - Graphic designer

Namaste! I'm Vpin Babu. An Indian born artist, art director and photographer living in the city of amazing records - Dubai. I've worked in a few countries in the Middle East and enjoy taking on any challenge related to design, including photography. I moved to Dubai 4 years ago and I'm loving every bit of it. I grew up in Kerala, South India, and being on the happy side of life, I enjoy everything I do. Traveling, sketching, adventure sports, coffee, and photography keeps me alive. Sounds interesting? Feel free to take a look at my photos here.


Where would you spend a winter festive get together with your family in Dubai?

Definitely at Apres in the MOE! The unique view on the ski slope and winter environment makes for a great atmosphere for a festive family dinner.

Dzovig - Stylist

I am Dzovig van Kleef, Armenian of origin and Dutch at heart. My journey into the world of style began long ago, walking the catwalk, working in fashion boutiques, and always lovingly browsing fashion. After attending styling courses at the London College of Fashion and winning several prestigious prizes, my brand 'Style Codes', for Styling and Personal Shopping, was born. Currently residing in Abu Dhabi, my journey continues, with the dream of changing women’s lives and confidence in their appearance, one purchase at a time!


If you could choose any gift for this Winter Festive Season, what would it be?

A decorated Palm Tree Island of my own to celebrate the season with all my family and friends.

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