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Walid Claus celebrates everything that makes Dubai great!

OK, let’s admit it…we’re lucky to be living in Dubai. We might moan about the traffic or groan about the heat, but deep down, if you’re like us, you’re in love with this city. Where else can you rub shoulders with more than 200 nationalities and immerse yourself in such different cultures? Dubai is the ultimate melting pot. This winter season, we celebrate this true essence of Dubai with Walid Claus.

Walid Claus gives the festive season in Dubai its own unique meaning, and embodies everything that’s great about Dubai. He’s cool, he’s passionate and he embraces our amazing mix of cultures. He’s been brought to life by a completely home-grown group of resident artists and fashion designers, who share our passion for our new home.

Our fashion products that proudly feature Walid Claus aim to connect people, whatever their background. So, let Walid Claus spread a little of that Dubai magic, both here and wherever your families and friends may be around the world.

Walid - Hero

My name is Walid Claus, and although my family hails from a grotto far, faraway, I was born and brought up in Dubai. I’m so proud to be part of our vibrant expat community and to call this great city ‘home’. When I’m not preparing presents, or running my desert safari company, I love getting my adrenaline flowing. I try my hand at jet skiing, downhill skiing, beach volleyball and even mess about with helicopters. For something a little less adventurous, and a bit more relaxing, I enjoy taking to the desert and relishing the peace of the dunes whilst playing my oud. And nothing beats a spicy curry with my friends, and maybe a sneaky shisha afterwards!


What's your favourite Winter Festive Season moment in Dubai?

A Camel Horizon!

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